Expat mortgage advisor in Maastricht?

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As an expat mortgage advisor in Maastricht Gilissen Finance will help you with every step in the process of buying your home in the Netherlands. As a local I can give you tips and tricks that can truly make the difference. Many expats and other people from out of town have already experienced the personal service.

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“Outstanding professionality, availability and advice.”  Full review >

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Buying a home: what does it involve?

Finding the right home is quite a challenge. You are suddenly faced with lots of questions. Where do you want to live, how many rooms do you need, will you be doing some work beforehand? Of course you want to know what is possible financially. We can’t choose for you, but we can help you take the right decisions, especially when it comes to the finances.

How much can I borrow?

In your quest, you will come across homes in all price ranges. But how much can you actually borrow? That depends on several things. This process starts by our office. Want to know how much you could borrow? As an experienced mortgage advisor in Maastricht I can help you with these questions. Our first meeting is always free of charge!

Looking for a home on your own or with help

Once you know what you like to buy and have worked out how much you can afford, you can actually start looking. You can do that on your own, or you can enlist the help of an estate agent. As an mortgage advisor I can help you with both. We work together with a certified office that specializes in a purchasing process for expats. Many expats successfully bought a house with help of our office and the estate agent. Together we provide an All-in deal for expats who want to buy a house.

Financing the purchase of your home

You decide what type of mortgage would suit you best. Gilissen Finance has a solution for every situation, because we work we work independently. We can choose out of 15 different providers.

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Mortgage advice from Gilissen Finance

  • A free conversation in advance to discuss your options
  • Professional guidance in the entire process of buying a home
  • Independent advice (I’m not a bank)
  • You aren’t the first expat that we help with buying a house

Do I have your attention?

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The first meeting is ALWAYS free of charge!

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