All-in package to purchase a home for expats

As an expat mortgage advisor in Maastricht Gilissen Finance answers all your questions about buying a home in the Netherlands. If you choose the all-in package, we will take care of the following activities in collaboration with a professional purchase agent.

The all-in package includes the following services:

  • Guidance during the viewing of the home
  • Architectural advice
  • Carrying out the obligation to investigate
  • Checking the destination plan
  • Discussing the negotiating possibilities and conditions with the sellers
  • Making a bid after consultation
  • Implementation of the negotiation
  • Check the purchase agreement
  • A valuation with NWWI validation for obtaining a mortgage, made by a recognized and independent valuator
  • Guidance during this valuation
  • A technical inspection, performed by an independent architectural specialist
  • Guidance during this technical inspection
  • Advice regarding the choice of notary and requesting a quote
  • Guidance during the final inspection for the transfer
  • Guidance during the transfer
  • Mortgage advice
  • Inventory of personal and financial situation
  • Inventory of wishes, objectives and starting points
  • Analysis & advice on mortgage advice
  • Discussion of the mortgage advice
  • Mortgage mediation (requesting offers from more than 15 mortgage lenders)
  • Administrative actions towards notaries
  • Advice in the field of home-related insurance

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All-in package
The fixed costs of this all-in package amount to € 5.450 incl. VAT. Net amount after tax refund € 2.752 incl. VAT*

*Ask me how to declare this.

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